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Душанбе, (Tajikistan)


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IT specialist

ID Вакансии: 52615
Просмотров вакансии: 297
Местоположение: Душанбе, , Tajikistan
Раздел: Информационные технологии
Вид занятости: На полное время
Заработная плата:
Добавлено: 15.12.2021

Описание работы


Background on Bactria

Bactria Cultural Centre (BCC) was created in December 2001 by the French humanitarian and development NGO ACTED to address the lack of access to culture, information and vocational training in Tajikistan. Since then it has become a focal point in the cultural life of Dushanbe. Cooperating with several embassies and donor organizations functioning in Tajikistan, BCC supports a wide variety of cultural activities and educational activities.

Bactria Culture Centre\ACTED Tajikistan Bactria Cultural Centre (BCC)/ ACTED seeks experienced, dynamic and highly motivated IT specialist to support Bactria Cultural Centre’s operations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Maintain and develop the Web site of the BCC and maintain Web sites of sub-project - at least once a month.

• Create and maintain (update the list of e-mail addresses) mailing lists for newsletters.

• Regularly (every month) report Manager of cultural programs on the status of the mailing list.

• Maintain the proper functioning of the server and the entire computer network office.

• Maintain the operating system and software on all computers.

• Regularly update the current software (at least once every six months).

• To provide a software update for the file systems, database management and other systems available in use.

• To provide the flow of information, both on the local network and external network through telecommunication channels. Provide ассеss to system software LAN and WLAN.

• To provide the constant operation of the system and take prompt measures to eliminate the defects occurring during the operation.

• Register users to create usernames and passwords. Confirm the list of users and their rights of access to network resources.

• Maintain the restrictions on the use of the system for all users on the following items:

а) use software or server access;

b) level of resource usage;

• Monitor the intended use of the network or software, and restore the proper functioning of the system.

• In cases of necessity to explain to users how to use the information system.

• In cases of necessity to explain to users how to use the information system of the organization in the most appropriate way.

• Take measures to ensure the security of the system (protection against unauthorized access to information).

• To provide in time data backups, creating duplicates (on request).

• To provide regular scans and identification of viruses in the system.

• Perform tasks on technical troubleshooting of the system.

• Monitor the installation software for networking experts from other organizations.

• Monitor the computer network, to develop proposals for the development of the network infrastructure.

• Inform the employee responsible for the office of violations in use of networking and on the measures taken to address them.

• Prepare a report on the information system and various technical documents.

• Make suggestions on upgrading and purchasing software for network operation.

• Participate in the activities on the ground in the event of having to install new computer equipment.

• Be responsible for properly functioning and security of all computers, printers and entrusted to the premises.

• To carry out technical support in events and projects of BCC.

Minimum requirements:

• Required skills: HTML, Internet, MS Office, Windows XP/7/8/10, Windows Server, Kerio Control, Mac OS, Ubuntu;

• Conceptual abilities and design thinking, understanding of design principles, keen eye for detail;

• At least 2 years of experience in similar position;

• High sense of responsibility, excellent communication skills and ability to work in the team;

• Effective analytical, organizational and prioritization skills;

• Demonstrated attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work independently and cooperatively with team members, flexibility and agility;

• Fluency Tajik and English required. Russian language is an advantage;

• Ability to work in a team effectively and under pressure.

Interested candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae (max. 2 pages), graphic design Portfolio and Cover Letter expressing your interest to bactria.administration@acted.org (with “IT specialist” in the subject bar of the email).

Bactria is an equal opportunities employer. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Note: The interview will be held as soon as the resumes are received and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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